How to Identify Your Hair Type?

In the 21st century, men and women are pretty much obsessed with having that perfect and classic personality.

It is good for one to learn about the importance of the hairstyling that carries a convincing role in making you look flawless.

It is perfect for you to understand the importance of having fine hair and identify your hair type for taking optimal care of your hair.

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Does hair get frizzy with age?

hair get frizzy with age?
In today’s world, men and women are really obsessed with looks and appearance. Overall personality, hair plays a vital role in enhancing your personality. If you have good healthy hair, then you are ever ready for every event and occasion. But hair doesn’t remain the same with age; it keeps on changing.

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Can stress cause dry hair?

We all are acknowledged of the fact that stress can cause damage to physical and mental health. But you always have neglected the fact that stress can also adversely affect your hair growth and lead to multiple hair problems.

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Is curly hair genetic?

curly hair genetic
Hairs are the main element that plays a vital in making you look beautiful. The hair type which we are having is highly influenced by our genes or parental traits. People, who have curly hair since birth, is curly hair genetic trait or result?

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What causes hair loss in teenagers?

hair loss in teenagers
Teenage go through multiple physical and mental changes in their adolescent period. Illness, stress, and anxiety are at higher levels in teenagers, so they suffer from multiple problems related to body and hair. In this article, we are sharing multiple causes that affect your hair growth.

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Hair Care Tips for Helmets

When it is good weather outside you must want to get a ride on a bike. Riding on a bike on a pleasant weather day can be such a good feeling, but it can also be hair damaging. When cycling, we use a helmet, and using a helmet for a long time can cause massive damage to our hair.

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