curly hair genetic

Is curly hair genetic?

Hairs are the main element that plays a vital in making you look beautiful. The hair type which we are having is highly influenced by our genes or parental traits. People, who have curly hair since birth, is curly hair genetic trait or result? In this article, we are sharing what the different problems that can be caused due to your genes to your hair type are.

Hair Traits which can be affected due to your genes

Hair thickness

Your genes or parental traits play a significant part in the growth of the hair on your overall body, so if you have slower hair growth, then it might be a cause of your genes. Hairs are made up of specifically protein strands, which help to make them stronger.

Getting early premature hair

 Your hair color starts fading into gray with age due to your genetics. Genetics not only influence your body and features but also get you multiple hair cons. One of them is getting grey hair at an early age. Your actual hair color is due to an extract called melanin which is generally generated by hair follicles but as stated before in the article that curly hair because of biology, your hair growth is slow and so does your hair follicles, and it doesn’t produce enough of the melanin due to which your hair color starts fading into gray hair which is highly influenced by genetics. You cannot stop these curly hair genetics, but you can surely control these symptoms and problems. So here sharing some preventive measures which can assist you in doing so.


The foremost step in getting healthy hair is hair care. Millions of men and women ignore the hair care routine, and as a result, it suffers from multiple hair problems. Haircare includes the following things: Regular head washes: there is no specific time when should you wash your hair as everyone has different hair types and skin types, so confining head wash to a certain limit is not appropriate. So you should be washing your hair whenever your hair needs. Proper oiling: as we need food, so does our hair. You should be getting your hair oiled quite often. To avoid any sort of hair problem, you can use convenient hair oil such as almond hair oil or coconut hair oil, which can suit your hair type efficiently.

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